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In a few words…

Husband and father
Conservative American
Servant-leader in business 
Professional marketer

Constantly striving to pursue excellence in life.

In more detail…

I am a Texas native – as a matter of fact, my family history goes back to the 1830’s in the Houston area where we were original settlers on Cypress Creek. After graduating from Texas A&M, I pursued by business career with great Houston companies like Foley’s, Compaq, and Gexa Energy. In the past few years, much of professional career has been spent at senior leadership roles in energy companies.

A few years ago, I wrote an article called “Make Your Box Bigger”. The premise of this article is that people cannot think outside the box. Their “box” is made of up all their knowledge and experiences. I encouraged people to “make their box bigger” by learning new things, exploring, and discovering. I took my own advice and picked up a camera to explore photography.

That is where my world changed.

As a left-brain person, I was interested in the science of photography. I read, studied, and consulted mentors on how to take a photograph. I focused on the math and science of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. My goal then (and still today) is to capture the best possible image in the camera.

Then something changed. I started seeing things I had never seen before. I saw light differently. Colors differently. I saw patterns and shapes that I did not know existed. I started seeing the beauty of the world around me.

My interest became my passion. Now, it has become part of my legacy. I have come to fully appreciate Ansel Adams’ quote, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Many photographers have a specific style. The professional marketer in me says that I should have one also – it would give me a specific product that I can market around. Then I remind myself that I find simple delight in creating an excellent photograph. Because I am a constantly learning and truly enjoy experimenting, my style continues to evolve.

What do you get if you choose to work with me?  

I am a perfectionist with myself. I am structured and I plan the details. You will get the culmination of all my learning, experience, skills, and expertise to create an excellent photograph. My hope and goal is that you will be thrilled with the outcome and the photograph will become part of your legacy.

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